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BK areaCure ultra

Water cooled high power uv led, uv intensity 12W/cm2. Especially suitable for applications such as high speed printing, lcd touch panel bonding and curing.

Water Cooled High Power UV LED Product Series


For those high UV intensity applications, water cooled systems are much welcomed due to the advantages of less space consumption, quiet of operation, or even cheaper cost of unit UV dosage. Our water cooled UV LED Curing systems are designed to fit most challengeable industries, such as label printing, film coating, PCB ink and solder mask curing, LCD touch panel bonding and curing, IMD/IML parts hard coating.


Water Cooled products list

Product Name Emitting Window(mm) Dosage Intensity UV Wavelength
BK-AreaCure-10020 100x20 12 W/cm2 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm
BK-AreaCure-20020 200x20 12 W/cm2 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm
BK-AreaCure-30020 300x20 12 W/cm2 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm
BK-AreaCure-10040 100x40 12 W/cm2 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm
BK-AreaCure-20040 200x40 12 W/cm2 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm
BK-AreaCure-30040 300x40 12 W/cm2 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm


 BK areaCure ultra30020  (Before  lighting  / After lighting)

Various dimension and intensity or customized specifications are available as well.

For more detail information, please contact us.


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