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Collimated exposure system BX-8000

Made in Japan, collimated exposure system BX-8000 is suitable for exposure for pcb and botherbord. The exposure area can reach 1500mm*1000mm.

Collimated exposure system ( collimated exposure machine) BX-800 is mainly for application on the exposure of pcb and obther board, the exposure area can reach as big as 1500mmX1000mm。

Main spec: 

1.  Light source : 8 kW high pressure mercury vapor lamp. 

2.  Lighting size: 1500mm X1000mm 

3.  Intensity: >/ 10mW/ cm ²

4.  Homogenity:  +/- 10%

5.  UV wave: 300~450nm 

6.  Parallel angel : +/- 2 



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