BK areaCure 3

BK areaCure

BK areaCure , uv wave 365/385/395/405 nm available; The Intensity between100~12000mW/cm². The size and intensity can be dedicated designed for user's need. 。

BK areacure is suitable for many kinds of uv curing application , such as optical lens, medical instruments, lcd panel. For application  which need whole area curing, such as contact lens curing, bk areacure is espeically good for that.

The  low temperature and high intensity characteristics of uv led makes the bk area ccure suitbalbe for high speed application. wave, BK areaCure provide   365/385/395/405nm uv wave options. Of course, the size is depending on  the  actual need.  The  uv intensity is usually between100~12000mW/cm² at the distance of 10~50mm of the object.We are good at specially designed for custmer at reasonable price.

Before lighting                    After lighting


BK-areaCure 3020

BK areaCure9090

BK-areaCure 2020
   (size:20x20mm,Intensity>10,000mW/cm²  , water cooling

Please note that we have many different kinds of uv led, all of them are suitbalbe for high speed curing with low temperature. The   wave/ lenght/size/intensity/cooling way are all depdending on customer's need. If you have any requirement, please contact us now.

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