BK linecure3

BK linecure

BK LineCure UV, uv wave: 365/385/395/405nm,water cooling or air cooling. The length and UV intensity can be dedicated designed for customer's need.

BK linecaure is suitable for uv curing application, such as optical lens, medical equipment, LCD panel. We can design especially for the cutomer's unique need at reasonable price. The length is  flexible, from 100mm to 1500mm.  The user can also adjust the uv output to meet the requirement.


 • UV source :UV LED

 • UV wave :365、385、395、405 nm

 • UV Intensity : 10~3000 mw/cm² (adjustable) @  output distance:10mm (by Meter: EIT Power PUCKII) 

 • Normal lifetime:> 20,000 hrs 

 • Cooling: water or air

 • Input :single phase AC220V±10%、50HZ/60HZ、Current 4A(Max) 

 • Homogenity :  +/- 5% 內。 

 BK-LineCure 1300  
 (length : 1300mm, Intensity >1500mw/cm², Air cooling

BK-lineCure 350
(Length :350mm, Intensity> 1500mw/cm², Air cooling.  )

BK--lineCure Duo 250
(Dual line,length: 250mm, Intensity>5000mW/cm²,water cooling)

UV LED Linecure 342333