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ssr evo VII series uv system

Made in Germany by ssr, the well-known evo VII series uv systems are the best solution for uv curing.

SSR專精於紫外光系統的創新及應用,一貫簡約的設計模式(重量約7~20kg),適合用於整合新的及現有的生產線。ssr evo VII系列系列有多種款式,包括EVO 7, EVO7 dr, EVO 7 dr EBU, EVO 等,並提供7, 307, 407, 607, 807等不同尺吋,滿足客戶不同應用的需求

一整套UV主要包括UV主機,燈管,電源供應器,纜線,接頭套件 。同時可以依客戶需要,搭配不同大小的反射箱(Mirror box),及指定特定波長區間的濾光片(Filter) 。



 ssr evo VII系列適合各種領域的應用,目前全球已有眾多成功案例,主要應用於產業包括:光學儲存 (CD, DVD, BD),OLED面板,Screen printing,IMD-applications,FIM-applications等



 ssr evo VII系列適合各種領域的應用,目前全球已有眾多成功案例,主要應用於產業包括:光學儲存 (CD, DVD, BD),OLED面板,Screen printing,IMD-applications,FIM-applications等。舉例來說:

Evo VII is well
evo VII series are very popular in the global market, including Taiwan and China. The EVO series including evo 7,307,407,607, and the coming 807. The different size fits diverse application.

ssr evo VII series provide very pure uv .

It combines water cooling and air cooling, to make sure the stability in the manufacturing process. Besides, the mechical  shutter cab make sure the uv output without loss and have better coverage and safer.



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